Senjutsu: Battle for Japan

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In the ancient realm of feudal Japan, the path of the Samurai is one of honor, skill, and deadly duels. Senjutsu, a captivating 1-4 player game, allows you to step into the shoes of these fearsome warriors, bound by the unyielding Bushido Code, each driven by their own motivations and destinies. Craft your own path to victory through slick Deck Construction mechanics, simultaneous reveal combat, and exquisite miniatures meticulously crafted by a panel of talented sculptors.

Assemble your band of Samurai, selecting one from four formidable warriors, each possessing their unique strengths and weaknesses. With Senjutsu's innovative Deck Construction Mechanics, you'll forge a personalized deck of devastating attacks, powerful blocks, serene meditations, and dynamic special moves. The card-classifying system is so intuitive that honing your Samurai's Ability Deck becomes an art in itself.

Within the Core Box, a treasure trove of dozens of different Ability Cards awaits, empowering you to shape your chosen Samurai's fighting style. The possibilities are limitless, with thousands of potential deck combinations available, guaranteeing no two battles will ever be the same.

Gameplay unfolds on the sprawling battlefield, where strategic positioning is key. Drawing a hand of Ability Cards from your 40-card Ability Deck, you must now make critical decisions. Choose wisely, for each card holds the potential to turn the tide of the duel in your favor.

With hearts pounding, you and your opponent place your chosen Ability Cards face down, brimming with anticipation. In a swift and thrilling moment, both cards are revealed, and the initiatives are checked. The clash of blades and the dance of destiny commences as the effects of the cards unfold before you.

But remember, the way of the Samurai is treacherous. Take five wounds, and your journey ends in defeat, leaving your vanquisher victorious, their name etched in the annals of legend.

Do you have the courage to embrace the way of Senjutsu, to wield your deck with precision, and to uncover the essence of true mastery? The battleground awaits, and the fate of the Samurai rests in your hands. Honor, strategy, and glory are within reach - will you seize them?


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