Seeking the Blade

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In the intricate and interwoven realms where the Ten Thunders, Resurrectionists, and Outcasts converge, the "Ancestor," "Retainer," and "Mercenary" keywords reveal a trio of figures that embody the intricate balance between legacy, loyalty, and freedom. These characters navigate the multifaceted landscapes with a sense of connection to the past, an unyielding loyalty, and a taste for independence that defines the very essence of their convergence.

At the forefront of this diverse gathering stands Yan Lo, The Spirit Walker, a figure who epitomizes the Ancestor and Retainer keywords. With his connection to ancestral spirits and his role as a leader, Yan Lo embodies the legacy and loyalty that guide his actions. His ability to channel the wisdom of the past speaks to the Ten Thunders' reverence for tradition.

Beside Yan Lo is Kenshiro, The Tactician, a character whose loyalty and strategic mind mirror the Retainer keyword. Kenshiro navigates the complexities of loyalty and leadership with an air of discipline and insight, embodying the spirit of serving a greater cause.

Completing this assembly is Viktoria Chambers, Twin Blades, a character who embodies the Mercenary keyword's essence. With her sense of independence and her fierce determination, Viktoria stands as a symbol of the freedom and individuality that thrives in the Mercenary world.

Together, Yan Lo, The Spirit Walker, Kenshiro, The Tactician, and Viktoria Chambers, Twin Blades, paint a vivid portrait of the Ancestor, Retainer, and Mercenary keywords within the interconnected realms of the Ten Thunders, Resurrectionists, and Outcasts. In their presence, the boundaries between legacy, loyalty, and freedom blur, and the spirit of tradition, devotion, and independence thrives. As you navigate the intricate and multifaceted landscape where these factions converge, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Ancestor, Retainer, and Mercenary – characters who honor the past, uphold loyalty, and seek independence, mirroring the very heart of their interconnected Worlds.


  • Yan Lo, The Spirit Walker
  • Kenshiro, The Tactician
  • Viktoria Chambers, Twin Blades


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