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Step into the world of dark rituals and twisted ambitions with this sinister set, embodying the power and influence of the Redchapel keyword. These figures unite to form a force that thrives on manipulation and necromantic power on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Seamus, a figure who embodies the dark influence and mastery of the Redchapel keyword. His presence on the battlefield is a testament to his necromantic abilities and his control over the forces of death.

A figure of eerie allure and sinister charm, Madame Sybelle complements Seamus's influence with her own unique abilities. Her role in support and manipulation adds an element of supernatural intrigue and utility to your gameplay.

This enigmatic character completes the set, embodying the Redchapel's ability to manipulate perception and reality. With the ability to mimic other figures' abilities and wreak havoc on the battlefield, the Copycat Killer provides both deception and strategic advantage to your forces.

3 Rotten Belles round out the set, representing the Redchapel's eerie agents of manipulation and control. With their abilities to manipulate movement and deceive enemies, these figures provide both utility and tactical advantage to your forces.

United under the Redchapel keyword, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionist's mastery of manipulation and the dark arts. Whether it's through necromantic control, supernatural allure, or twisted deception, these figures embody the Resurrectionist's sinister fascination. Embrace the power of manipulation, command with sinister influence, and lead your Redchapel forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique faction to victory.


  • Seamus
  • Madame Sybelle
  • Copycat Killer
  • 3 Rotten Belles


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