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This multi-part plastic set contains five Drukhari Scourge in 80 pieces, including a host of weapon upgrades in the form of a shredder, frag cannon, booming blaster, heat lance, blaster and dark lance. There are also multiple weapon options should you wish to upgrade one of the Scourge to a Solarite to lead the unit. The set contains five 32mm bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

A Scourge is a genetically engineered Drukhari mercenary that has had wings grafted onto its body and now essentially serves as jump infantry in Drukhari raiding parties. If you were to step between the projecting towers of High Commorragh, you might be able to make out the winged figures hovering over the Dark City's hot baths.

If you looked closely, you would recognize these forms as the Scourge, genetically and surgically altered avian Drukhari reshaped into something far more deadly. If a gaze lingers too long, the same figures pounce on the observer, seize them, and impale them on the smooth spiers of their eyries.

Scourges are an integral part of Commorragh society. The Dark City's ubiquitous intrigues thrive on information without which even the greatest of the cabal will soon be powerless. The most secure forms of vox transmission can always be intercepted, and psychic communication is strictly forbidden to the Drukhari.

Instead, the Drukhari aristocracy pay handsomely for the Scourge to deliver their messages by hand. Each communiqué is sealed with custom-made toxins, the antidotes of which are – usually – only in the possession of the recipient. Experienced scourges, Solarites are now considered leaders among these winged mercenaries. They are generally more skilled in combat and carry more advanced equipment.

They may have also made other body modifications to the Haemonculi, including replacing their skin with feathers and lengthening their skulls to give them the appearance of a large xenos raptor.

Many Scourges, particularly the veterans known as Solarites, are so distant from their former lives that they now sport feathers instead of hair and elongated skulls. Regardless of their chosen appearance, all Scourge enjoy the arts of war. For this reason, and because of the immense wealth they earn from the Cabal, all Scourge possess highly sophisticated Drukhari war gear.

Clad in a type of porous body armor called a Ghostplate, they descend from above, shrieking with exhilaration as they ruthlessly mow down those who try to escape.

Scourges prefer to attack the enemy from a distance, as they are very good at protecting their altered and now fragile body. They unleash devastating volleys of firepower, boasting the screams of their dying foes while using their enhanced senses before spinning around for another pass.

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