Scions of Jutland Battlefleet Set

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As the enemy vessels loomed on the horizon, any port would understandably shudder with apprehension. Defenses were hastily manned, and military forces stood on high alert. But if those ships bore the ominous markings of the Scions of Jutland, the situation turned from tense to dire.

For when the Scions of Jutland sailed, no quarter was given, no surrender accepted, and mercy was but a forgotten dream. Operating under the auspices of a letter of marque from the Kriegsministerium, they wielded power beyond the bounds of ordinary privateers. Yet, their allegiance wasn't merely to earthly powers; it was to something darker, something eldritch.

Guided by the auguries of Volva Gullveig, the Witch of Jutland, the Scions followed their own hierarchy, their own cryptic motives. While some sought to employ them as mercenaries through the patronage of the Great Powers, Gullveig's enigmatic intentions ultimately dictated the contracts they undertook. Few dared question her decisions, for none could dispute her unmatched effectiveness.

A battlefleet of the Scions was a fearsome sight to behold. At its helm often prowled the Valhalla Fast Dreadnought, a harbinger of destruction. Its Sturmbringers and heavy volt gun batteries unleashed devastating barrages upon foes, clearing the path for eager marines to execute decisive boarding actions.

Yet, even more awe-inspiring were the rare Asgard carriers, surrounded by swarms of Valkyrie Hunt Rotors. Like their mythic namesakes, they descended upon the battlefield from above, raining fury upon their enemies with unmatched ferocity.

In the maritime theater of war, where alliances were fragile and treachery rampant, the Scions of Jutland stood apart, guided by their inscrutable mistress and driven by motives known only to her. To face them in battle was to face the abyss itself, for in their wake, destruction and chaos reigned supreme.

This box contains:

  • 1x Valhalla Fast Dreadnought (may also be built as SMS Skjalden or Asgard Class)
  • 2x Thor Assault Raider (may also be built as Loki, Angrboda, Heimdall, Baldr or Gefjon Class)
  • 2x Odin Reaver (may also be built as Jotuun or Gungnir Class)
  • 4x Fenrir Hunter Submarine
  • 2x Valkyrie Hunt Rotor
  • 4x Escort Token
  • 2x Vali SRS Token
  • 4x Hoth Heavy Corvette
  • 2x Einherjar Vitruvian Colossus

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Painted miniatures are for illustrative purposes only, as they may contain small decorations that are not provided.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars Website.


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