Scinari Loreseeker

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Scinari Loreseekers

Scinari Loreseekers are Lumineth mages that seek to emulate both Tyrion and Teclis, and by extension the Hyshian philosophies of symmetry they embody. The Loreseeker thus becomes an expert in bladecraft and magic, mastering the arts of both the Vanari and Scinari.

They wander the realms at will - supremely confident in their own abilities - to fulfill their god-given task of seeking out the myriad obscure and ancient lore lost to the Ocari Dara, as to benefit the Great Nations. This duty comes with a more ignoble side however; the Loreseeker's role will often call for them to act as more of a vandal - or even assassin - in which they obscure, hide, and even seize relics and treatises from perceived "lesser races". This is to prevent them from causing untold damage that would surely come from it falling into their unenlightened Hands.

Dieser Bausatz besteht aus 9 Kunststoffteilen, aus denen du einen Scinari Loreseeker bauen kannst, und wird mit einem Citadel-Rundbase (32 mm) geliefert.


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