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The Armiger Helverin is a fast-moving weapons platform designed to put down blazing hails of heavy fire while circling enemy forces. Instead of the Knight Warglaive's melee weapons, Helverins are armed with a pair of Helverin autocannons capable of firing hundreds of shells per minute. This allows the Knight Helverin to smash down lines of infantry or shred through lightly armored vehicles. With Helverins each wielding two of these formidable weapons and hunting in packs of up to three knights, their devastating barrage can quickly cleave an army's flank or blunt an enemy's charge long before it can reach its objective. Helverins also mount tank guns in the same way as Warglaives. Many prefer heavy machine guns in this role, while others opt for Meltaguns.

For many Armiger pilots, the mental imperatives conveyed through their neural connections can feel unnatural and invasive. It's common for new pilots to feel a sense of resentment or irritation at having their desires and opinions controlled from afar, while those who lack the mental toughness required may even lose their self-esteem. More than a Freeblade was born of such feelings, the Armiger pilot rebelled and fled rather than endure someone else's mental dominance. For this reason, many Armiger pilots train alongside a Knight Preceptor before accepting their duties alongside their thrall. The dutiful and heroic example of the Knights Preceptor inspires Armiger pilots to accept their servility to such blatant champions of the Empire, and also plants in their minds a firm ambition to do their duty and live up to the example set for them.

While the Knights Preceptor is conditioning the Armiger pilots, they are also busy assessing their abilities. Most Bondsmen start out by piloting a Warglaive, since both their weapons and role are relatively simple. Those who display cool nerves and a marksman's eye will soon be recommended by the Knight Preceptor for promotion to Helverin. Helverin packs can fulfill a variety of strategic roles on the battlefield. Armiger Helverins are versatile and highly destructive war machines, from taking down enfilading fire and driving entrenched enemies from their positions, to guarding the flanks of a Knight army from aircraft and light armor, to escorting or scouting missions into enemy territory. No wonder they are popular with both the Imperial and Adeptus Mechanicus noble houses, relying heavily on them to aid their larger compatriots in war.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 Armed Helverins. Smaller and lighter armored than their larger Imperial Knight brethren, about half the size, they still share many details - the basic shape of these two-legged weapon platforms is similar to a standard Imperial Knight , with 2 weapon arms, hydraulically-powered legs, tilting plate and a large armor, surrounding the central head of the suit. Another common detail with these larger suits is their loading; They are incredibly powerful for their small size and specialize in long-range combat. Each is armed with 2 Armiger autocannons and a tank-mounted heavy machine gun, the latter of which can be replaced with a melta gun. 4 unique faceplates are included in the kit, and both weapons (with articulation on the shoulder) and legs can be attached to either side of the model, allowing for some pose customization.

This kit comes as 120 components, and is supplied with 2 Citadel 100mm Round bases and an Armiger transfer sheet.


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