Savage Orruks Morboys

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Even by the Bonesplitterz's questionable standards, some guys are completely insane. These frothing savages are known as Morboys, and they typically wield a weapon in each hand so they can "strike fast." Morboys have a well-deserved reputation for being ruthless in combat. Whether they're charging down the jaws of devastating cavalry charges, smashing their way through spiked gates, or taking on the biggest, meanest enemy champion they can find, they show no fear, let alone restraint. Morboys are so overwhelmed by the power of Gorkamorka that bosses have trouble telling them what to do, so it falls to the Wurrgog Prophets, Wardokks, and Maniak Weirdnobs to guide them with the Spirit Talk of the Waaagh! – the only language a Morboy really understands.

Bonesplitterz doesn't really know why some orruks become morboys, only that sometimes a green-skinned warrior gets a funny look in his eyes and starts rampaging around like a blinded primordial dragon. The most probable cause, according to the wisdom of the Wurrgog prophets, is that if a Bonesplitter kills a beast that has a powerful spirit, eats its flesh, and wears its bones, the spirit can take over. This usually ends with the Morboy getting a large tattoo of the monster to imprison its power within its body. Certainly when Morboys kill particularly large and fearsome creatures, they seem to go a little crazier, as if they absorbed a little of its essence at the moment of the kill. Whether that's true or whether Morboys were always a little crazy before becoming Bonesplitterz is usually debatable. In combat, the Morboys are formed into Kop Rukks, where Wardokks can keep an eye on them before being nudged in the enemy's direction with predictably chaotic results. As the frenzied Orruks hack and hack their way through everything in range, the Waaagh! plays over the Morboys' tattoos, and it's as if Gork (or perhaps Mork) himself lays himself into the enemy with wild abandon.

Armed with something appropriately sharp or pointed in each hand, Morboys scale everything between them and their victims, using their weapons as improvised climbing tools. In search of the biggest, toughest looking monsters, mobs of Morboys see who can stab themselves to the top and then ride the beast the longest without being knocked off. This ruthless practice is known among the Bonesplitterz as "deff riding." Oftentimes, the Morboys only manage to deliver a decent stab at the monster before being ripped into hungry jaws or crushed beneath tons of scale and muscle. However, sometimes a particularly brave or lucky Morboy manages to climb to the top of the monster and stab it in the brain, leaping to the harsh screams of his mob as the slain beast falls to the ground with a thunderous crash.


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