Satou Togai

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"Say nothing, hear everything" is a motto often attributed to the Satou clan, also known as the Hare clan. Across the Empire and Islands, the hare is often seen as a "trickster" creature full of mischief and surprise, and the Satou are no different from the animal they chose as their visual representation. The Satou clan is a staunch ally of the Takashi clan and has been since they entered Jwar. Although they resemble the Takashi in their martial arts, there is one area of ??warfare where they are more successful than most, and that is developing unusual weapons and tactics. Satou Togai is just another warrior chosen to test his latest creation in the fiery crucible of battle. Clad in heavy flameproof suit or armor, Satou Togai wields an unorthodox weapon that is an unholy combination of steel and chain, giving it a range that most opponents will underestimate at their peril. Maybe this is a small version of something bigger to come?

Blister contains one miniature that comes with a 30mm base and a full color English profile Card.


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