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"Where scum and villainy come from far and wide to trade their wares."

Enter the bustling Sandstorm Marketplace, where a world of possibilities awaits you. This comprehensive kit includes a grand bazaar, a small hovel, a trader's house, two high walls, a pump, and a crate, offering an array of versatile components to enrich your gaming board.

The grand bazaar serves as the centerpiece, captivating players with its vibrant atmosphere and intricate details. This bustling marketplace provides a hub of activity, where characters can interact, barter, and seek provisions for their adventures. The grand bazaar's sizeable balcony area adds a vertical dimension to your gaming board, granting advantageous positions and opportunities for strategic maneuvering.

Accompanying the grand bazaar, the small hovel and trader's house offer additional structures that can be placed adjacent or spread out across the gaming board. These buildings not only add visual variety but also provide line-of-sight blocking options, allowing units to take cover and plan ambushes. With their unique architectural designs, these structures evoke the charm and authenticity of a desert marketplace, immersing players in the vibrant setting.

The inclusion of two high walls further enhances the tactical possibilities of your gaming experience. These walls provide valuable cover and create obstacles that can be used to block enemy movements or control access to key areas. Line-of-sight blocking becomes an integral element in your skirmishes, adding depth and strategy to your gameplay.

The Sandstorm Marketplace is made from 3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard. It is a great scenery kit to use in Futuristic wargames, and will work perfectly with 28-35mm games and miniatures.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Some kits may need filing for a perfect fit - always dry fit your models first for best results.


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