Samurai Horsemen

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The samurai began life as retainers of the nobility and over time have become known as Japan's most important warrior group. Originally they were cavalry armed with handguns and rocket weapons. Powerful and highly trained, they were a professional force with many privileges as long as they performed well.

This product contains:

  • 12 plastic samurai riders
  • Sticker sheet with Takeda clan markings
  • assembly brochure
  • Plastic base

Eventually they became a political force in their own right, often subordinate to no master other than name. This also led to annihilation battles between different factions over territory, revenge, or simple pride.

In the 16th and 17th centuries warfare changed and with it the samurai. They have not forgotten their equestrian roots while this change has taken place. Although the introduction of the long spear made cavalry charges more difficult to pull off, they were nonetheless carried out. A well-timed charge from a unit of samurai cavalry could turn the tide of a battle. These cavalry charges continued throughout the Sengoku period, and many daimyo lost their heads to one.


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