Saloon Tycoon 2nd Edition - engl.

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Step into the world of a Wild West Gold Rush Town, where players assume the roles of enterprising saloon owners. Their shared goal is to transform their modest establishments into thriving hubs of commerce and entertainment. In this immersive building and tile placement game, the objective is clear: construct the most prestigious saloon in town, attracting affluent and renowned patrons while warding off the less savory characters.

Each player starts with a game board representing their saloon, strategically positioned on one of the four corners surrounding the central crossroads. Alongside this board, players have an assortment of tiles at their disposal to serve as the building blocks for expanding their saloons.

The game unfolds with players taking turns in a clockwise fashion, starting with the first player, and engaging in a series of actions. These actions include earning gold, taking various actions to enhance their saloons, expanding their establishments by placing tiles, and collecting bonuses based on their actions and tile placements.

As saloons evolve, opportunities arise to attract wealthy and famous patrons, not only contributing to players' coffers but also elevating their reputation. However, players must remain vigilant for undesirable characters who may be drawn to their establishments. Implementing security measures is paramount to preserving reputation and deterring troublemakers.

Throughout the game, players closely monitor their reputation points. The player with the highest reputation points at the game's conclusion emerges as the triumphant saloon owner, celebrated throughout the town.

As players strategize, expand, and compete with each other, they'll immerse themselves in the thrilling ambiance of the Gold Rush era in the Old West. The ultimate question remains: Will they succeed in turning their unassuming saloons into prestigious establishments that outshine all others? Or will their aspirations be buried beneath the dust of the Wild West? It's time to find out, partner. Stake your claim and embark on the journey to build the ultimate saloon in town!


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