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Within the Guild's formidable ranks, the Guard faction stands as a symbol of authority, order, and unwavering dedication to upholding the law in the tumultuous world of Malifaux. Comprised of highly trained individuals and loyal companions, the Guard ensures that justice is served and the city remains a bastion of security and stability.

The Mounted Guards are a striking presence on the streets of Malifaux, their imposing stature and unwavering resolve a testament to their role as enforcers of the Guild's laws. Mounted atop powerful steeds, these Guards possess exceptional mobility and command over the city's sprawling landscape. With their keen sense of duty, they patrol the streets, swiftly responding to disturbances and maintaining a visible presence that deters criminal activities.

The Guild Hounds, renowned for their loyalty and uncanny ability to sniff out trouble, are integral members of the Guard faction. These fierce and intelligent creatures are expertly trained to track down individuals, detect illicit substances, and protect their human counterparts. With their keen senses and fierce loyalty, the Guild Hounds contribute to the safety of the city by detecting hidden threats and assisting their human partners in the apprehension of wrongdoers.

Together, the Mounted Guards and Guild Hounds form a formidable team that upholds the Guild's ideals of order and security. Their presence on the streets of Malifaux serves as a constant reminder that the law will be upheld, and those who seek to disrupt the city's fragile equilibrium will face swift and resolute consequences. With the Guard faction at the forefront, the Guild's commitment to maintaining peace and stability remains unwavering, even in the face of the supernatural chaos that defines the world of Malifaux.


  • 2 Mounted Guards
  • 4 Guild Hounds


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