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Exciting Age of Sigmar sets and all rules

Welcome to our Age of Sigmar Rules and Sets category! Here you will find a comprehensive selection of rulebooks, starter sets and expansions specifically designed to enhance your gaming experience in the fascinating tabletop universe of Age of Sigmar. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced player, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this category!

Rulebooks: Dive deep into the world of Age of Sigmar by studying the official rulebooks, which provide you with everything you need to know to successfully master the game. Here you will find the Age of Sigmar Basic Rulebook, which contains the basic rules and background information on the game, as well as numerous expansions and supplements that introduce new factions, units and game scenarios. With these books, you can expand your knowledge of the game and improve your skills on the battlefield.

Starter Sets: For newcomers, we offer a variety of starter sets that are perfect for getting started in the exciting Age of Sigmar tabletop game. Our sets contain everything you need to get started: from detailed miniatures and rulebooks to dice and measuring tools. Plus, the starter sets are ideal for adding new units to your existing army or trying out a completely new faction.

Expansions: Discover the latest Age of Sigmar expansions that offer additional rules, game scenarios and backstories for your favourite factions. With these expansions, you can make your battles even more epic and customise your play style to make the most of your army's unique abilities and strategies. Add depth and variety to your game night with these exciting add-ons.

Battalion and Army Boxes: In this category you will also find exclusive battalion and army boxes, which contain a selection of miniatures and rules for specific factions. These sets allow you to quickly and easily expand your army or explore new factions. The boxes often offer an attractive price advantage over buying the models individually, making them a great way to expand your collection.

Battle Scenarios: Be inspired by our battle scenarios, which offer gripping stories and varied game situations. These scenarios take you through epic campaigns and test your skills as a general. Master the different challenges each scenario offers and experience Age of Sigmar in a new dimension.

Quick reference cards: We offer handy quick reference cards so that you don't have to constantly flip through the rulebook during the game. These cards summarise the most important rules and information for your factions and units, so you always have them at hand. With these useful tools, you can make your games smoother and faster without missing out on important details.

Tokens and game aids: To make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and manageable, you'll also find a selection of tokens and game aids in our category. These handy accessories help you keep track of buffs, debuffs, abilities and other game-relevant aspects. With these tools, you can concentrate fully on your strategy and defeat your opponents in thrilling battles.

Digital rulebooks: For those who prefer to read on digital platforms, we also offer digital versions of our rulebooks and expansions. This way, you can conveniently look up the rules of Age of Sigmar on your tablet, smartphone or e-book reader and stay up to date at all times.

In our Age of Sigmar Rules and Sets category, you'll find everything you need to take your games to the next level. Whether you're just getting started with Age of Sigmar or you're an experienced player, our comprehensive selection of rulebooks, starter sets and expansions will allow you to continually expand your knowledge and skills. We hope you enjoy discovering the many exciting products in this category and, of course, playing!

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