Ruins of Jardlan

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Step into the tumultuous world of Necromunda with "The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan," where the Imperial House teeters on the brink of chaos and revolution. Haera Helmawr's claim to the throne has plunged her planet into flames, and the uprising led by Lady Credo gains momentum. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Ozostium Aranthus has stirred from his slumber, but his intentions remain shrouded in mystery.

In this gripping conclusion to the Aranthian Succession, Necromunda fans are treated to a treasure trove of immersive lore spanning 45 pages, shaping the destiny of the underhive. Meet intriguing new characters like Asun'ghar, the enigmatic Lady of Ash, Orrin Grimjarl, the Last Charter Lord of Jardlan, his brother Urson Grimjarl, the relentless Jardlan Nomad Hunter, and Silberlant Sevos, the enigmatic Infotek.

"The Fall of Helmawr," the third installment of the Succession campaign, takes center stage as forces rally behind Ozostium and the enigmatic Prophet of Redemption. They relentlessly pursue Lady Haera and her loyal Enforcers, setting the stage for epic gang battles that will determine the fate of Necromunda's ash wastes. Additional rules and new vehicles for Van Saar, Enforcers, and Ironhead Squat Prospectors further enhance the gaming experience.

This unmissable volume arrives in hardback, ensuring it withstands the test of time, just like the epic Saga it contains. Dive into the intrigue and violence of the underhive, where power and survival hang in the balance. Order "The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan" and secure your place in the gripping narrative of Necromunda's dark future.


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