Royal Navy Submarines & MTB Sections

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Submarines: Designed to operate in northern European and Mediterranean waters, the S-class was agile with a well-known ability to camber extremely quickly. Combined with a large torpedo salvo, this was a successful pre-war design that was soon updated and put back into production.

MTBs: The Fairmile A was designed from the start to use pre-engineered components that could be manufactured by small businesses such as furniture makers, which would then be assembled at shipyards. Capable of 25 knots, it was armed with a 3-pounder gun and a pair of .303 machine guns and a depth charge.

The Fairmile B was designed in the shape of a destroyer hull and (like its predecessor the Fairmile A) was primarily intended as a submarine chaser and was therefore equipped with a depth attack. The Fairmile B, produced in large numbers, was also famously used in the raid on St. Nazaire.

Capable of 26 knots, the Fairmile C was a motor gunboat armed with two 2-pounder guns and eight different caliber machine guns. It was mainly used for close-companion duties and some covert missions.

Nicknamed the "Dog Boat", the Fairmile D was highly adaptable and could be outfitted with a range of armaments meaning it could function as both a motor gun and a torpedo boat. Some were used by the Royal Air Force for long-distance rescue of downed airmen.

box contains:

  • S Class Submarines x 3
  • Fairmile MTB Sections (A, B, C & D) x 4
  • ship cards


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