Roy Hourer

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Roy Hourer, the enigmatic Cult Leader of the King in Yellow, straddles the line between prophet and madman in the eyes of those who dare to follow him. Haunted by visions from distant, nightmarish dimensions, he traverses the boundary between sanity and madness with an eerie sense of purpose.

To his devoted followers, Roy Hourer is a beacon of enlightenment, a visionary who claims to have glimpsed truths beyond mortal comprehension. He speaks of things unseen and unspoken, of realms beyond the veil of reality where gods and monsters dwell in eternal torment.

But to others, he is nothing more than a deluded lunatic, a charlatan who preys upon the fears and insecurities of those who seek solace in his twisted visions. His words are cryptic and his motives unclear, leading many to question the sanity of those who choose to follow him.

Yet, for all his madness, there is a strange allure to Roy Hourer and his teachings. His followers hang on his every word, eager to unlock the mysteries of the universe that he claims to hold the key to. And though his visions may be dark and foreboding, they offer a glimpse into a world beyond comprehension, a world where reality bends and twists like a serpent in the night.

  • 1 Roy Hourer model in 32mm scale, cast in metal.
  • 1 plastic base included.

Unpainted and unassembled.


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