Round Magnetic Stickers - 60mm

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Pre-cut magnetic stickers

With self-adhesive, flexible magnet plates, you can magnetize your miniatures quickly and easily without having to drill into the base or attach tiny magnets with superglue.

The application is easy.

  • First, determine the appropriate magnetic sticker sheet size (for a round 32mm AoS or Warhammer 40k base, this would be the size Round 32mm). Make sure the underside of the base is free of grease before sticking on the magnets; if necessary, a little additional adhesive will help if the magnetic foil does not hold securely.
  • Pull off the protective paper from the underside of the magnetic foil and stick the magnetic sticker under (not into!) the base. Done!
  • TIP: For an absolutely secure hold, you can of course also fix the magnetic foils with glue (e.g. for very large miniatures, or if you want to transport them at an angle/upside down).

The most common square, rectangular, round and oval shapes are available in a variety of sizes, but also as full sheets that can be trimmed to fit using scissors or a modeling knife.

A few application examples:

Together with our magnet and steel rubber plates you can build a magnet box out of any (cardboard) box or crate. The same applies to tin boxes; in these, your minis are protected from slipping by the magnetic adhesive and can be transported safely.

Also, large units can be magnetized in their movement trays, allowing them to be placed and moved as a single element on the gaming table. Even if the trays are bumped, chances are your figures will remain standing and not be damaged.

Also miniature holders, transportable dioramas and displays can be realized with the pre-cut magnetic foils! And how about your objective markers and terrain pieces no longer sliding around on the gaming table?


  • 10 pieces of pre-cut round magnets
  • 60mm diameter
  • The thickness of the stickers is 0.9mm

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5 Sterne, obwohl sie nicht passen! Hä?
5 from 5

Nun... ja. Sie passen nicht. Jedenfalls nicht auf die Games Workshop 60mm Bases. Dafür sind diese Magnete nämlich zu klein. Ich dachte erst an einen Produktionsfehler. Aber da hat sich niemand vermessen, die Magnete sind 60mm im Durchmesser. Wenn man allerdings die GW Bases mal ausmisst...

32mm = 32mm
28mm = 28mm
40mm = 40mm
50mm = 50mm
60mm = 64mm


5 Sterne für dieses Produkt, weil ich es in anderen Größen habe, es perfekt auf meinen Bases sitzt und die Ferrofolien + diese Magnete meine Miniaturen beim Transport an Ort und Stelle halten, wie eine 1.

Leif P., 08.02.2023 Verified purchase
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