Round Deserts of Maahl Bases 32mm (x8)

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Amidst this arid wasteland, where the earth's vitality has been sapped dry, desert rose crystals emerge as fragile jewels, contrasting with the enduring cacti that stand sentinel against the passage of time. Here, the ceaseless winds sweep the sands into sinuous ridges, laying bare cracked earth and clay beneath, a stark reminder of Maahl's unforgiving nature. It is a realm where hope is devoured, and dreams are shattered, earning it the grim epithets of the "Consumer of hopes" and the "Destroyer of dreams."

Scattered throughout this desolate landscape lie the forsaken remnants of those who once dared to venture into Maahl—stray animals and intrepid explorers alike. Their remains lay abandoned and forgotten, serving as a chilling and enduring reminder of the perils that await those who tread upon the sands of this accursed land.

Contained within this blister are eight thermoplastic 32mm wide round Battle Ready Bases, each imbued with the thematic essence of the Deserts of Maahl. These bases feature bottom slots compatible with magnets up to 6mm in diameter and 1mm thick, although magnets themselves are not included. Each Battle Ready Base has been meticulously painted and finished by hand, a testament to the craftsmanship that brings this harsh and unforgiving landscape to life.


  • 8 thermoplastic 32mm wide round Battle Ready Bases


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