Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 engl.

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Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 adds four new automated opponents. Compete against:

  • Logical Lizards - Tear down their Gardens before their swarms of zealous acolytes dig your grave!
  • Riverfolk Robots - Trade with them for mercenaries and more to defeat your foes. Their Services carry a Price, though, so make sure you win before they're strong enought to collect!
  • Cogwheel Corvids - Foil their plots and root out their agents, or else they'll press the Woodland to do their will!
  • Drillbit Duchy - Hold your Ground against the invading hordes and stop their Ministers from organizing your defeat!

It also includes new trait cards to beef up the factions from the first Clockwork expansion.

Each bot Comes with four difficulty Levels.

To use this product you need the Underworld and/or Riverfolk expansions and the Rood Base Game.


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