Rolling Pins - Norsemen

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Textured rolling pins with which constantly repeating patterns can be pressed onto modeling clay. Available in many different textures - whether fantasy, classic or futuristic, there is a suitable pattern for every model or diorama!

Norsemen - Tile pattern of different sized stones interspersed with Celtic knots and depictions of Norse symbolism - hammers, warriors and stylized animals. Also suitable for the descendants of Nordic peoples in the distant future!

  • Made of clear PMMA plastic with excellent non-stick properties
  • Non-toxic
  • Length: 14.50 cm
  • Diameter: 2.5 cm (1 inch)


  1. If necessary, mix the modeling clay according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Best results were accomplished by us with Green Stuff, Brown Stuff or Milliput Standard. The softer the modeling clay, the more difficult it is to work with. Kneadable masses are therefore best suited.
  2. Roll or spread the modeling clay about 1-2mm thick on the surface to be textured (e.g. the base of your model). For an even impression, the surface of the modeling clay should be as smooth as possible. You can use a smooth rolling pin for this. Depending on the type of modeling clay, it is advisable to wet the textured roller with water (and some washing-up liquid if necessary) to prevent it from sticking. With Milliput, it helps to let it dry a bit after rolling it out. Modeling petroleum jelly also works well. A trial run will help you to find the right technique for your preferred material.
  3. Move the texture roller slowly and with even pressure over the modeling surface to be prepared.
  4. After the textured modeling clay has hardened or has been baked, cut off any excess edges with a sharp knife, or cut up your dried work piece and glue the resulting bits to the surfaces you want to decorate.
  5. After working with the rolling pins, use a scraper brush, tooth or root brush and lukewarm water (if necessary washing-up liquid) to remove any residue on the structure rollers. If the mass collects in the structure roller during texturing, change the technique (e.g. allow Green Stuff and Milliput to harden a little or wet the roller with washing-up liquid)!

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