Rohan Commanders

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The people of Rohan are a fearless people who dwell in a harsh land of moors, hills and endless grasslands. The warriors of this realm fight for their survival against a multitude of enemies, for the trolls and orcs of the Misty Mountains threaten their lands, as do the armies of the Dark Lord Sauron as they cross the Anduin and invade the Westfold. Many of Rohan's fighters ride into battle on horseback, but many more cannot afford one of these noble beasts and instead fight on foot. What these warriors lack in armor and skill, they make up for in courage and fierce determination. Rohan will never fall as long as his fighters protect the borders. Among them serve the captains and heralds of Rohan, who have fought for many years against the Dark Lord Sauron and now lead the armies of Rohan into battle and are a shining example to their men to fight to the end.

This set contains a commando unit from Rohan. The box set includes resin miniatures including a Rohan Captain, Horned Warrior, Standard Bearer and King's Hunter. The box contains eight separate components, along with four 25mm round bases. The miniatures are unpainted and require assembly. We recommend using Citadel Super Glue and Citadel Paints.


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