Rogue Necromancy

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Dive into the realms of forbidden experimentation and forgotten spirits with this enigmatic figure, embodying the fusion of the Experimental and Forgotten keywords. The Rogue Necromancy stands as a testament to the Resurrectionists' ability to manipulate life and death, as well as their connection to the spectral world.

At the forefront of this ensemble stands the Rogue Necromancy, a figure that bridges the gap between the experimental and the forgotten. With its abilities to harness necromantic energy, channel forgotten spirits, and wield spectral power, the Rogue Necromancy provides both strategic depth and eerie control to your forces.

United under the Experimental and Forgotten keywords, this figure captures the Resurrectionists' dedication to pushing the boundaries of life and death, while also delving into the world of forgotten spirits. Whether it's through necromantic manipulation, spectral companions, or the eerie fusion of both, the Rogue Necromancy embodies the Resurrectionists' enigmatic fascination. Embrace the power of experimentation, command with spectral influence, and lead your Experimental and Forgotten forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique figure to victory.


  • Rogue Necromancy


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