Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

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The Rogal Dorn Main Battle Tank is a lumbering behemoth that supports attacks with the same ease with which it helps hold a front. Staring in front of cannons, this giant hammers high-calibre projectiles into enemy ranks and shreds infantry in raucous blasts of fire.

This multi-part plastic set makes a Rogal Dorn Main Battle Tank - a mobile weapon carrier even larger than the legendary Leman Russ. The Rogal Dorn's main weapon is mounted in the turret - you have the choice between the high rate of fire of a twin battle gun or the awesome firepower of an oppressor cannon with a coaxial autocannon. A secondary hull mount carries either a Castigator Gatling Cannon for destroying mass infantry or a Pulverizer Cannon for engaging enemy tanks.

The set also features an arsenal of optional weapons - you can fit additional side dome weapons like a pair of heavy bolters or multi-melta guns, while forward-facing mounts can house machine guns or meltaguns. Tank tracks can be upgraded with extra armor, and the set offers tons of visual options like tow hooks, peepholes, extra fuel, a searchlight, and stowed gear. Three crew members (Scout, Tank Officer and Mounted Machine Gunner) can be built with five different head options or replaced with closed hatches.

This set contains 171 plastic components and an Astra Militarum vehicle transfer sheet with 475 motifs such as numerals, coats of arms and regimental heraldry. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Color Paints for this.

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Bodenlos gut! XD
5 from 5

Auch wenn sich das Internet darüber auslässt wegen eines Lochs im Boden... Der Bausatz ist qualitativ einer der besten den ich jemals Bauen durfte. Die Teile passen natlos ineinander, keine Gummibänder mehr nötig um es ordentlich zusammen zu kleben.
Alle Waffenoptionen außer der Turm können einfach gesteckt werden ohne Magnete.

Oliver M., 04.03.2023
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