Ribald the Troll

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In the enchanting world of Moonstone, where fantastical creatures and strategic warfare intertwine, Ribald emerges as a unique and formidable character. As a Goblin Troll, he possesses a distinctive set of traits and abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Slow: Ribald's steady, deliberate pace is reflected in his Slow trait, limiting his Jog actions to a mere 2 inches. While he may not be the swiftest of warriors, his measured approach allows him to carefully plan his every move, avoiding hasty decisions and maximizing his impact.

Ironclad Knuckles: Ribald's Ironclad Knuckles are a testament to his indomitable strength and resilience. When he deals Piercing or Slicing Melee damage, the damage inflicted is reduced to a mere 0, rendering his opponents' attacks ineffective against his unyielding fists. However, when Ribald opts for Impact Melee damage, the power behind his strikes increases significantly, boosting the damage dealt by an impressive +2. His fists are a true force to be reckoned with.

Ramshackle Armour: Despite his formidable defenses, Ribald sports Ramshackle Armour, reducing all non-magical damage suffered by -1. This additional layer of protection makes him even more resilient against conventional attacks, ensuring that he can withstand the fiercest of blows.

Fire Cannon!: Ribald possesses a devastating ranged attack in the form of his Fire Cannon! This formidable weapon allows him to target an opponent, inflicting 3 X-1 Impact damage and forcibly moving the target a certain distance away from the blast's epicenter. The explosive power of his Fire Cannon! disrupts enemy formations and punishes those who dare to approach him.

Signature Move on a High Guard: Ribald's signature move is executed from a high guard, showcasing his ability to withstand enemy assaults while preparing for a powerful counterattack. In this position, he can strike back with precision and devastating force, catching his opponents off guard and leaving them vulnerable to his relentless blows.

Ribald, the Unstoppable Goblin Troll, is a force of nature on the Moonstone battlefield. With his measured approach, invincible fists, reinforced armor, fiery ranged attack, and the ability to execute signature moves from a high guard, he is a versatile and fearsome combatant. When you lead Ribald into battle, you're not just commanding a character; you're unleashing an unstoppable juggernaut of power and resilience. Will you make the most of his impervious fists, rain destruction with his Fire Cannon!, and seize opportunities with his signature move from a high guard? The choice is yours, and with Ribald, victory is within reach.

Single large miniature made in fine quality resin.


  • 1 x Ribald Miniature and Stat Card

This miniatures is multipart and requires Assembly.


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