Reva Core Box

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Step into the realm of restless spirits and vengeful souls with this chilling set, embodying the power and connection of the Revenant keyword. These figures unite to form a force that harnesses the energy of the afterlife and channels it into powerful necromantic abilities on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Reva Cortinas, a figure who embodies the connection between the living and the vengeful spirits of the Revenant. Her presence on the battlefield is a testament to her necromantic abilities and her command over the forces of the afterlife.

Eerie and haunting, the Corpse Candles complement Reva's necromantic abilities with their own spectral power. Their role in manipulation and spectral presence adds an element of supernatural intrigue and utility to your gameplay.

Vincent St. Clair, this enigmatic figure completes the set, embodying the Revenant's connection to the ethereal and otherworldly. With the ability to channel the spirits' energy and command the afterlife, Vincent St. Clair provides both utility and spectral control to your forces.

3 Shieldbearers, marked by their loyalty and determination, round out the set. Representing the Revenant's vengeful warriors, they harness necromantic power and protect their spectral leader. With their abilities to both defend and channel the spirits' energy, these figures provide both protection and spectral manipulation to your forces.

United under the Revenant keyword, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionist's connection to the afterlife and the spirits that seek vengeance. Whether it's through necromantic manipulation, spectral companions, or the channeling of spiritual energy, these figures embody the Resurrectionist's eerie fascination. Embrace the power of spectral vengeance, command with supernatural abilities, and lead your Revenant forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique faction to victory.


  • Reva Cortinas
  • 2 Corpse Candles
  • Vincent St. Clair
  • 3 Shieldbearers


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