Resurrectionist Fate Deck

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Within the captivating world of Malifaux, where fate is etched on cards rather than dice, a mesmerizing deck known as the Fate Deck takes center stage. Crafted from durable plastic and adorned with the iconic Malifaux suits, these cards become the weavers of destiny. The game requires two of these Fate Decks, one for each player, each draw and shuffle altering the course of fate in this intricate realm.

Amidst this labyrinth of intrigue, a shadowy cabal emerges—the Resurrectionists. A coalition of necromancers, grave robbers, and ruthless assassins, they harbor a collective disdain for the Guild and all who dare obstruct their morbid pursuits. Unified by their macabre fascinations, these Resurrectionists harness the eerie power of the Grave Spirit, invoking dark miracles that distort the delicate balance between life and death.

Their rituals resonate like discordant notes in the symphony of Malifaux, summoning creatures of the night to shamble through the city's abandoned districts. These undead creations, reanimated through their necromantic talents, populate the forgotten corners of Malifaux City, a grim reminder of the Resurrectionists' prowess over life's very essence.

To the outside world, they may be seen as abominations, puppeteers of the deceased who tread the thin line between magic and malevolence. However, within the folds of their dark brotherhood, the Resurrectionists are conduits of power and agents of change. Their enigmatic abilities disrupt the natural order and challenge the very foundations of mortality.

In their dance of shadows and necromancy, the Fate Decks they wield become instruments of both life and death, adding an additional layer of complexity to their power. The Resurrectionists' story unfolds as a sinister symphony—a tale of cold-hearted ambition, whispered secrets, and mastery over the unyielding realm between life and the abyss.

In this haunting narrative, the Resurrectionists epitomize the fragile boundary between the living and the dead, wielding their necromantic abilities with chilling precision. As they evoke dark miracles and summon the undead, they rewrite the rules of life and death, their story a whispered incantation in the enigmatic realm of Malifaux.


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