Residents of Rottenburg

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In the dim shadows of the Resurrectionists faction, where life and death intertwine in macabre harmony, the enigmatic figure of Asura Roten stands as a testament to the boundary-pushing powers of necromancy. Asura, a masterful practitioner of the dark arts, commands an army of Mindless Zombies that follow her every command with unwavering loyalty, creating a gruesome symphony of death and reanimation.

Asura Roten, a necromantic visionary, channels the very essence of life's fleeting nature, transcending the limits of mortality and reshaping the very fabric of existence. With her eerie mastery over death and decay, she commands an army of Mindless Zombies that serve as both her personal guard and her instruments of malevolent power. These creatures, once ordinary individuals, have been brought back from the brink of the grave to serve a new purpose under Asura's command.

The Mindless Zombies, mere husks of their former selves, shamble across the battlefield under the guidance of their necromantic mistress. Their decaying forms and vacant stares mask a lethal potential, for under Asura's control, they become deadly instruments of destruction. Through her mastery over necromancy, Asura empowers her minions, imbuing them with supernatural strength and a relentless hunger for their enemies' demise.

Asura's presence on the battlefield is a chilling reminder of the Resurrectionists' power to manipulate the balance between life and death. Her command over the Mindless Zombies showcases her ability to wield necromantic energies to her advantage, utilizing them not only for reanimation but also for deadly combat. With every command she issues, the Mindless Zombies become a relentless tide of darkness that sweeps away all opposition, leaving only death and decay in their wake.

In the world of Malifaux, where the boundaries between life and death are malleable and reality is twisted, Asura Roten and her undead legion stand as a grim embodiment of the Resurrectionists' ambitions. Theirs is a world of shadows and secrets, where the mysteries of death become tools of power in the hands of those who dare to explore the forbidden arts of necromancy.


  • Asura Roten
  • Mindless Zombies x5


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