Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Beta

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The Vipera Pursuit Forces, a covert and highly specialized branch of the Nomad Military Forces (NMF), are strategically positioned in sensitive areas across the Nomad expanse. Their deployment is meticulously orchestrated by the Nomads High Command, making them the most readily available and agile strategic assets at the disposal of the Nomad Military.

Their primary mission is to maintain a constant state of readiness, ever-vigilant for threats and opportunities that may emerge within the unpredictable Nomad sphere. Positioned strategically in sensitive regions, they serve as both a defensive shield and an offensive dagger, poised to respond swiftly to any developments.

This box includes three miniatures:

  • 1 Spektr with Boarding Shotgun,
  • 1 Raoul Spector, the famous mercenary
  • 1 Jelena Kovač, Detective Inspector of the Securitate


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