Reinf. Lizard Squadron

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The Lizards, once outdated T.A.G. (Tactical Armoured Gear) models, have undergone a remarkable transformation. Through a combination of cutting-edge software installations and experimental wetware enhancements, they have been reborn into formidable adversaries, standing toe-to-toe with their enemy counterparts in terms of lethality and resilience.

Forged in the crucible of technological innovation, the Lizards now boast a level of optimization that rivals even the most advanced combat units. Their systems have been fine-tuned to perfection, granting them unparalleled efficiency and combat prowess on the battlefield.

Armed to the teeth and encased in impenetrable armor, the Lizards strike fear into the hearts of their foes with their relentless aggression and unwavering resilience. They are the embodiment of raw power and ruthless efficiency, capable of turning the tide of battle with a single decisive blow.

In the ongoing conflict against their adversaries, the Lizards stand as a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of their creators. They are the vanguard of a new era of warfare, where technology and biology intertwine to create the ultimate weapons of destruction.

To face off against the Lizards is to court certain death, for there exists no defense capable of withstanding the devastating onslaught unleashed by these mechanical behemoths. In the crucible of combat, they are the apex predators, ruling the battlefield with unyielding dominance and unrivaled supremacy.

This box includes one thermoplastic miniature.
Lizards are equipped with powerful and lethal weapons which are not available to other troops. The ideal complement for your Nomad Nation Reinforcements, but also for your regular Nomads Forces.


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