Red Oak Town Set 1

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The city of Red Oak has seen more than enough shootings and gunfights. Its location in Arizona Territory seems within reach of many of the diverse groups hoping to gain some influence over the people of the West. The bridge in town is the only one for miles upstream and downstream and could be considered a strategic point for anyone with a military background. Wyatt Earp goes through and sometimes gets his latest quarry off in prison until they can be properly tried. The metalsmith in town is usually tasked with fixing a broken appliance or something that most roughnecks can't properly take care of. Various outlaw gangs land in town to trade or spend their ill-gotten gains on whatever entertainment they can think of. The Cathouse and Saloon are usually the first places outlaws (or anyone new in town) head to. When problems arise in one of these places, the locals usually arrange for the instigators to be sent to the last place in town anyone wants to visit, the crematorium. It's an unusual spot, but the local Boot Hill was packed to capacity during the Ore War, so most locals have gotten used to the foul-smelling smoke on a Sunday afternoon. The only place that's not busy is the Prospector's Shack just on the outskirts. Some say it's haunted, and others say Old Joshua just likes to keep to himself with the help of a shotgun. Either way, most people keep their distance.

This set contains;

  • 1x crematorium
  • 1x cat house
  • 1x lounge
  • 1x bridge
  • 1x prison
  • 1x scatter
  • 1x Metalsmith
  • 1x Prospector's Hut


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