Red Oak Crates, Fences and Barrels

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Some of Red Oak's wealthier citizens chose to have fences built around their properties and yards, thinking it might protect them from the more unsavory elements that passed through them. They were wrong. At least it keeps the drunks from urinating in their back doors.
Red Oak stores have made it a habit to order about 10 percent more than they need. This has become a form of insurance against damage. The inevitable gunfire leads both sides to use whatever is nearby as cover, often the recently unloaded goods of a shipment. Sometimes people have been known to order empty crates and kegs only to leave them on the street to protect the more valuable goods. Just in case.


  • 2 x 5 inch fences
  • 5x 5 inch fences
  • 3x barrels
  • 2x Large lockers
  • 2x medium boxes
  • 2x Small Boxes


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