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"Reavers of Midgard" is an enthralling single-worker placement game that combines elements of set collection, dice combat, and engine building, all set in the richly imagined universe of "Champions of Midgard."

In the epic tale of "Champions of Midgard," your noble quest was to rise to the esteemed rank of Jarl. You valiantly defended your port town against menacing trolls, fearsome draugr, and monstrous threats that once loomed over its existence. But now, the time has come to shift from defense to offense.

In "Reavers of Midgard," you will embark on a daring quest for glory, with your sights set on raiding nearby villages for their treasures, plundering heavily fortified castles, and confronting both human adversaries and formidable monsters on the open seas. As you venture forth, it's not just your rowdy crew of fearless Vikings and the sustenance to keep them content that you'll need to bring along but also a formidable crew of elite warriors known as the Reavers.

The Reavers play a pivotal role in your journey, and they can be employed in three distinct ways. Firstly, they can be appointed as your ship's leader, granting you a valuable one-time bonus and enhancing the versatility of your warriors in combat. Secondly, they can be recruited to rally additional warriors to your cause, ensuring that your ship is fully equipped with the right fighters for any given situation. Finally, they can contribute to your crew's specialization, earning you a recurring bonus each time your crew sets sail into battle.

As you set out on this daring adventure, the ultimate goal is to accumulate the most glory points by the end of six intense rounds. Only the most valiant and cunning leader will emerge victorious in the thrilling world of "Reavers of Midgard." Will you be the one to claim the title of the ultimate Champion?


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