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Within the enigmatic faction of the Resurrectionists, a unique group known as the Urami takes center stage, embodying the eerie and spectral aspects of their craft. Among the ranks of the Urami, two distinct entities stand out: the Shikomi and the Gaki, each serving their own purpose in the art of necromantic manipulation.

The Shikomi, draped in ethereal veils, exude an aura of otherworldly mystique. These ghostly figures are skilled in channeling the energies of the afterlife, their abilities extending beyond the realm of the living. As adept spirit guides, they can influence the movement and actions of their spectral comrades, enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield. With their presence, they ensure that the spirits under their guidance remain focused and relentless.

In contrast, the Gaki represent the tormented souls that have become trapped in a state of unrest. These vengeful spirits are driven by an insatiable hunger that fuels their aggression. On the battlefield, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies with their gruesome and unsettling appearance. They possess the ability to drain the very life force from their foes, using it to replenish their own energy and continue their relentless assault.

Together, the Shikomi and Gaki form a chilling symbiosis, showcasing the Resurrectionists' unparalleled mastery over the forces of death and the beyond. Through the manipulation of spirits and the restless souls of the departed, the Urami faction wields a unique and potent arsenal that blurs the lines between the living and the dead. As they continue to weave their macabre tapestry, the Urami stand as a testament to the Resurrectionists' unyielding control over the forces that bind life and death in Malifaux.


  • Shikomi x2
  • Gaki x3


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