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The year is 1347 AD and a catastrophe is imminent. The Black Death is approaching and in the next few years large parts of the population of Europe and North Africa will be killed by the plague.

In Rattus, players settle in the different regions of Europe and North Africa as the plague spreads to all these regions. The players get help from the various professions of the Middle Ages. Some of them, like farmers and bakers, help players increase their population. Some, like the monks and nuns, use wisdom and faith to evade the plague as warfare waged by knights and soldiers spreads the plague to new areas. However, the plague makes no difference. When the rats arrive, nobody can feel safe. Eventually the plague retreats and the game ends. Only then will it be clear who was able to keep their population alive - and win the game!

Rattus: Big Box not only includes several previously released expansions and promos, but also previously unreleased materials, modules, and bonus cards. More specifically, this renewed installment of the Rattus series includes all the materials of the base game and the expansions Pied Piper, Africanus and Academicus. Additional new content is included, and players can add the new Guilds & Inns and Bonus modules for even more variety and challenge.

This edition also includes popular bonus cards like The Judge, The Fool, and Boccaccio, as well as all 27 level upgrade tiles.


  • 3 Game Boards
  • 65 Rat Tokens
  • 30 Potion Tokens
  • 33 Class cards
  • 30 Event cards
  • 68 Region cards
  • 30 Victory Point/University Tokens
  • 27 Double-sided Upgrade tiles
  • 120 Wooden Citizens
  • 2 Wooden Universities
  • 3 Wooden Walls
  • 2 Wooden Bishops
  • 3 Wooden Nuns
  • 15 Wooden Diplomat Podiums
  • 1 Wooden Caravan
  • 1 Wooden Plague piece


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