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In the steadfast realm of the Guild, where the fate of individuals is shaped by the draw and shuffle of cards, the "Guard" keyword echoes as a symphony of discipline and unwavering resolve. Amidst this tapestry of authority and order, a group of figures steps forward: the Sergeants and the Guard Patrol.

Masters of command and embodiment of Guild authority, the Sergeants stand as paragons of leadership and tactical brilliance. With each command issued and each calculated move, they echo the Guild's capacity to enforce discipline and direction. Their presence reflects the essence of the "Guard" keyword—a testament to their role in maintaining the Guild's vigilant watch over the realm.

Within the Guild's ranks, the Guard Patrol personifies the embodiment of order and vigilance. With each disciplined step and vigilant gaze, they navigate the enigmatic currents of Malifaux's landscape. Their actions echo the "Guard" theme, reminding all that the Guild's power lies in their ability to maintain structure and control.

In the symphony of authority and duty, the "Guard" keyword becomes a banner for the Guild's unyielding presence. The Sergeants and the Guard Patrol embody the ethos of discipline—a power that maintains the order of Malifaux against the backdrop of uncertainty.

As the cards are drawn from the Fate Deck, they mirror the Guild's narrative of control and organization, a reminder that the story they weave is one of meticulous strategy amidst the enigmatic forces of the realm. With each order given, each patrol undertaken, they shape the tapestry of their existence, painting a portrait of power that spans the spectrum from the vigilant to the commanding.


  • Sergeant x2
  • Guard Patrol x4


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