Rangers of Shadowdeep Standard Edition - engl.

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In a kingdom teetering on the precipice of annihilation, a looming darkness known as the Shadow Deep threatens to devour everything in its relentless path. The land, once vibrant and thriving, now quivers beneath the malevolent advance of this eldritch menace. As the kingdom's valiant army wages a ceaseless battle against the encroaching hordes of abominable creatures emerging from the ominous, ink-black clouds, there emerges a glimmer of hope—the kingdom's elite, the Rangers.

The Rangers, renowned as the kingdom's most skilled and fearless soldiers, find themselves on the front lines of this harrowing conflict. They are the daring few who plunge into the heart of the shadowy abyss, risking life and limb to gather crucial intelligence, rescue captive souls ensnared by the nefarious forces, and wage daring ambushes against the enemy's supply lines. Every mission undertaken by these intrepid heroes is a desperate gambit against insurmountable odds. However, with each small victory, a flicker of hope illuminates the kingdom's darkest hours.

Behold the dawn of a brand new era in tabletop gaming, complete with a captivating layout adorned by a dozen masterpieces of art crafted by the talented Barrett Stanley. Welcome to a solo and cooperative miniatures game, a brainchild of the illustrious Joseph A. McCullough—the creative genius behind Frostrgrave and Ghost Archipelago. Prepare to step into the shoes of a ranger, forge unbreakable bonds with your companions, and embark on a series of heart-pounding missions in a relentless struggle against the encroaching abyss.

Survival is not guaranteed, but it is the crucible in which you will grow, evolve, and master newfound powers and abilities. As you prove your mettle in the most perilous of circumstances, you will be entrusted with progressively more challenging, dangerous, and intricate assignments. With the updated core rules seamlessly woven together with character-building elements first introduced in Temple of Madness, you'll experience a rich and immersive gaming experience like never before.

For those who dare to raise the stakes even higher, a new element known as 'Challenge Levels' awaits you. These optional rules, tailored to suit scenarios involving three or four Rangers, allow you to intensify the difficulty or revisit a scenario with a higher-level Ranger, adding a layer of replayability to your quest against the encroaching Shadow Deep.

This book contains the rules only, requires a couple of twenty-sided dice, a deck of standard playing cards, inch ruler and miniatures to Play!


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