Rampart - Wolverine Tank

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As you gaze upon the mighty war machines that stand before you, you can't help but feel a sense of awe and respect for the operators who command them. These soldiers are the cream of the crop, the elite of the elite, and their mastery of these powerful weapons is nothing short of remarkable.

They are trained to navigate treacherous terrain, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and unleash devastating firepower upon their enemies. Their skill and courage on the battlefield are unmatched, and they strike fear into the hearts of all who dare to oppose them.

But even the most fearsome war machine is only as good as the person who wields it. The operators of these weapons are not invincible, and they too are subject to human error and weakness. They must remain vigilant and focused at all times, for the slightest misstep could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

So while these war machines may be a powerful addition to any army's arsenal, it's important to remember that they are not the key to victory on their own. It is the skill, dedication, and bravery of the soldiers who operate them that truly makes the difference in the heat of battle.


  • 1 x Wolverine Tank

All elements come unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before Assembly.


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