Rampart - Kazumi Temple

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Are you an adventurer in search of treasure, tribal artifacts, or ancient knowledge? Look no further than the Kazumi Temple - but beware, for this place offers much more than just riches and enlightenment.

As you navigate the temple's halls, keep your wits about you. Suspicious totems, shiny crystals, and sacred altars could activate hidden traps at any moment. And even though the temple may appear quiet and abandoned, you can never be too sure. Who knows what kind of eyes could be watching you from the shadows?

But if you're brave enough to face the dangers of the Kazumi Temple, the rewards are well worth the risk. You might uncover priceless artifacts and ancient knowledge that have been lost for centuries. And who knows - you might even stumble upon something truly extraordinary, something that will change the course of history forever.

So gather your courage and prepare to enter the Kazumi Temple. The adventure of a lifetime awaits - if you're ready to take the leap.


  • 14x regular long walls
  • 8x ruined long wall Segments
  • 16x floor supports
  • 2x floor tiles
  • 2x corner floor tiles
  • 1x double floor tile
  • 12x column toppers
  • 24x half columns
  • 1x stairs
  • 9x scatter decorations
  • 68x decorative plugs


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