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Drukhari Raiders

A Raider is a Drukhari anti-gravity battle glider used as the primary troop transport for Cabal raids from the webway to realspace.

The first indicator of a Drukhari incursion into realspace is always a Viridian light in the sky, unfolding and spiraling outward toward a shimmering, multidimensional portal blazing with green flames.

Through this gate come dozens of anti-gravity attack gliders with blades that tilt down to grab their unexpected prey. The most common of these anti-gravity combat transports are known as Raiders. Raiders are the most popular vehicles of the Drukhari and are used throughout the galaxy.

Lightweight and extremely maneuverable, the Raider embodies the Drukhari belief that speed always triumphs over durability. Unlike the lumbering vehicles of the human empire, a raider doesn't transport its passengers in heavily armored ceramic shells.

Instead, these gliders are terrifying imitations of the gliding anti-gravity pleasure yachts that were once common on the homeworlds of the ancient Aeldari Empire, modified to increase their speed and outfitted with razor-sharp fins and jagged keels to shred any foe to pieces beat.

A group of Drukhari raiders prepare to invade an Imperial world.

The primary motive power for a Raider comes from its compact, air-breathing turbojet engines. The transporter is kept aloft by anti-gravity emitters built into the vehicle's ventral ribs. This technology allows a raider to fly over even the roughest terrain at an exceptionally high speed.

Though each of these transporters is customized by the cabal that owns it and adorned with the severed body parts of past victims, they all share certain basic features, including a repulsor keel manned by a talented helmsman, aetheric sails to capture the multidimensional shear energies to utilize that pour out of the webway portal they emerge from and a bow-mounted heavy weapon, usually a Dark Lance, to kill the unexpected enemy.

Each Raider's curved hull features curved fairings and its metal deck is pierced with tessellated patterns intended to reduce the glider's weight and increase its speed.

Sickle Blades, Electroshock Rams, and Splitter Rifle Racks are also commonly mounted on Raiders, as the Drukhari will always use every available weapon in their vast arsenal of pain. This box set contains a multi-part plastic Raider. This 103-piece set includes two weapon options - a Dark Lance and a Blast Cannon. Large flight base model.


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