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Raicho. 1. Noun. A thunderbird from Japanese mythology. 2. Noun. Moniker, who was selected by Yu Jing’s Japanese troops for the Morat Armored Brigade, probably a phonetic falsification of the original Morat code name (raizot).

Excerpt from the Universal Conciliar Dictionary. Abridged edition. Manaheim University Press. Concilium Prima. Council.

Raichos are the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades: a gigantic fighting machine controlled by a bloodthirsty alien. As proof of their operator’s pilot skills, one has to look no further than the Demarok furs – a mighty predator – which are strapped as hunting trophies on the back of their tag. Raichos are mighty, steel-clad warhorses with characteristics more like a bull than a horse: strong and unyielding, but no longer responsive as soon as they start to swing. Their design doesn’t meet the need for subtlety, but nothing beats them when you have to storm enemy territory with blazing cannons.


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