Radagast the Brown

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One of the Istari sent to Middle-earth during the Third Age, Radagast wields great power as a sorcerer. He prefers the company of animals to other races, and his bond with nature is unparalleled. Though he frequently rides his sleigh pulled by Rhosgobel hares, he has also been granted the rare gift of riding the great eagles of the Misty Mountains.

On the battlefield, Radagast the Brown™ can cast a variety of useful spells. He is an immensely versatile hero who has a choice of two unique modes of transport in the form of a sled and a great eagle.

Contains three resin miniatures:

  • Radagast the Brown™ (on foot with Sebastian the Hedgehog, supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base)
  • Radagast the Brown™ on Sled (comes in 13 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm x 92mm Oval base)
  • Radagast the Brown™ on great eagle (consists of 3 pieces. Note: the great eagle is not included and is sold separately)

The rules for all three of Radagast's miniatures can be found in Armies from The Hobbit™.


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