Puppet Apocalypse

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In the multifaceted and entwined realms of the Arcanists, Guild, Neverborn, and Resurrectionists, the "Versatile" and "Horseman" keywords converge to reveal a quartet of figures that span allegiances and defy boundaries. These characters navigate the complex landscapes with an air of adaptability and a touch of the otherworldly that defines the very essence of their convergence.

At the forefront of this eclectic gathering stands Conquest, a figure that counts as the Mechanical Rider and epitomizes the Versatile and Horseman keywords. With its mechanized might and its ability to traverse different factions, Conquest embodies the fusion of power and adaptability that defines the Versatile theme. Its dual allegiance as a Mechanical Rider speaks to the interconnectedness of the Arcanists and Guild.

Beside Conquest is War, a figure that counts as the Pale Rider and reflects the convergence of the Versatile and Horseman themes. With its supernatural prowess and the ability to serve multiple allegiances, War navigates the complexities of loyalty and strength. Its dual role as a Pale Rider resonates with the intertwining forces of the Neverborn and Resurrectionists.

Completing this assembly is Famine, a figure that counts as the Hooded Rider and embodies the Versatile and Horseman keywords' essence. With its enigmatic aura and adaptability, Famine stands as a symbol of the ever-shifting nature of allegiances and abilities. Its dual role as a Hooded Rider speaks to the balance between the Guild and Resurrectionists.

Lastly, Death, a figure that counts as the Dead Rider, concludes this gathering. As the embodiment of the Versatile and Horseman keywords, Death navigates the intricacies of life and death, mirroring the connection between the Arcanists and Neverborn.

Together, Conquest, War, Famine, and Death paint a vivid portrait of the Versatile and Horseman keywords within the intertwined realms of the Arcanists, Guild, Neverborn, and Resurrectionists. In their presence, the boundaries between factions and abilities blur, and the spirit of adaptability and the otherworldly thrives. As you navigate the complex and multifaceted landscape where these factions converge, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Versatile and Horseman – characters who transcend allegiances and navigate the intricate dance between power, adaptability, and the supernatural that mirrors the very heart of their interconnected Worlds.


  • Conquest (Counts as Mechanical Rider)
  • War (Counts as Pale Rider)
  • Famine (Counts as Hooded Rider)
  • Death (Counts as Dead Rider)


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