Pteraxii Sterylizors

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Pteraxii are winged skitarii that are capable of flight and serve as ideal support units for their brethren in battle. They are the cousins of Sicarian Skitarii.

The Pteraxii, one of the many specialised skitarii castes available to the Mechanicum, are optimised for instinctive reaction and agility. Their reflexes are accentuated by scaling back elements of perception that interfere with their primary function. Implanted on their backs are additional tusk stumps known as scapuli superior, a flight pack of thrusters and reactive life surfaces are connected to them. The flight packs become part of the Pteraxii, serving in multiple roles.

The Pteraxii come in two varieties:

  • Sterylizors: honed for aggression and armed with phosphor flares.
  • Skystalkers: Seek out the best vantage points to hit targets with their flechette carbines.

This kit can alternatively be used to build a unit of Pteraxii Skystalkers instead, meaning that whichever unit you assemble, you will end up with plenty of spares to customise your collection.

This kit consists of 115 plastic components and comes with 5 Citadel round bases (40mm) and flying stalks. Also included is a decal sheet of the Adeptus Mechanicus.


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