Prussian skirmishing line (Franco-Prussian War 1870 - 1871)

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The frames in this box are similar to those in the PRU 1 box, but with a different set of parts. In PRU 2 you will mainly find skirmishers and figures in ready-to-fire poses. Also included are two cast frames representing advancing or marching figures.

These Perry Miniatures figures offer collectors and wargaming enthusiasts the opportunity to create realistic and detailed models of Prussian infantry from the Franco-Prussian War period. Various poses and actions can be used to recreate historical scenarios and battles, making these figures a valuable contribution to the representation of this important period in history.

Includes mainly the skirmish frames so you can create an irregular firing line. As the French Chassepot rifle was superior to the Prussian Dreyse rifle, skirmish lines tended to be open, with the infantry taking cover where possible. There are also 2 advance frames and a commando included.

There are 39 figures plus casualties in each box.


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