Prusack Scourge Mortar

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Prepare for devastation with the Prusack Scourge Mortar heavy support vehicle kit. This formidable war machine comes fully equipped with everything you need to rain destruction upon your enemies.

Included in this kit is the fearsome Scourge Mortar, a weapon of unparalleled power capable of decimating enemy ranks from afar. With its Corrupted Dozer Blade, the Prusack Scourge Mortar can plow through obstacles and foes alike with ease, clearing a path for destruction.

But that's not all – this kit offers versatility with two options for hull-mounted support weapons: the devastating Triple Autocannon for overwhelming firepower or the nimble Light Autocannon for precision strikes. Additionally, you have the choice between two side weapons – the corrosive Acid Sprayer for area denial or the devastating Atomizer Cannon for pinpoint annihilation.

With its array of weapons and customizable loadouts, the Prusack Scourge Mortar is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Whether you're looking to lay siege to enemy strongholds or unleash havoc upon armored formations, this heavy support vehicle is ready to answer the call of war.

Kit includes:

  • 1 complete Prusack Scourge Mortar heavy support vehicle.
  • includes all the weapons such as:
    • Corrupted Dozer Blade
    • powerful Scourge Mortar
    • 2 options of hull mounted support weapon
    • Triple Autocannon or Light Autocannon
    • 2 options for side weapons - Acid Sprayer and Atomizer Cannon.

It is dedicated for experience modelers as pieces may need some cleaning and filling before assembling. Cast from high-quality resin. Model supplied unpainted. Requires Assembly.


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