Prince Vhordrai

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Prince Vhordrai is a soulblight vampire and blood knight who leads the Kastelai dynasty.

Prince Vhordrai is revered by many Blood Knights as no less than a saint of slaughter, and his bloody crusades are the stuff for legends among their knights. Nevertheless, he remains tied to the Crimson Keep, a cursed citadel that can arise from the ruins of destroyed castles. However, there are many Blood Knights who consider it a pilgrimage to visit the festivals and fight alongside the prince when he is allowed to ride.

After the Battle of the Black Sky, Vhordrai tried to end Nagash’s tyranny permanently, and tried to hurl the remains of the Great Necromancer’s physical body through the corrupt gate of Yulghuan to be devoured by the Dark Gods. But Arkhan the Black intervened and defeated Vhordrai in a clash of magic and steel, who was then locked in a Reichstone coffin for an eternity. When Nagash returned, the now semi-insane Vhordrai was released and mystically bound to the Crimson Keep, doomed to agonizing destruction if he left the walls for more than a day. So the ambitious prince was taken on a leash, and made him the fist of Nagash, who rejoiced in the destruction of his master’s enemies, though he raged at his bondage.

With Nagash’s physical form once again destroyed at the end of the Soul Wars, Vhordrai wonders if he was offered a second chance at freedom. But to shake off his curse is no small thing, and he has learned the value of patience over the centuries, and he would not risk confronting the Great Necromancer twice for no good reason.


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