Primal Fury

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In the enigmatic realm of the Arcanists, where fate is woven through the cards of destiny, the "Chimera" keyword emerges as a symphony of hybrid power and mystique. Amidst this intricate tapestry of magic and ingenuity, three figures take the stage: Cojo, Paul Crocket, and the Sabertooth Cerberus.

A creature of both brawn and primal instinct, Cojo stands as a manifestation of nature's ferocity and the Arcanists' ability to harness its power. With each step, his presence reverberates with untamed energy, a reminder of the enigmatic forces that the Arcanists command. As a creature of both chaos and control, Cojo epitomizes the essence of the "Chimera" keyword—a blend of the extraordinary and the primal.

A figure of ingenuity and steely resolve, Paul Crocket adds a layer of innovation to the Arcanists' ranks. With an inventive mind and a keen eye for the arcane, he embodies the fusion of science and magic that defines the "Chimera" theme. His presence is a reminder that the Arcanists dance on the precipice between the known and the unknown, embracing the unpredictable.

Within the Arcanists' arsenal, the Sabertooth Cerberus prowls as a manifestation of duality—a creature that melds the ferocity of the wild with the arcane prowess of magic. Its three heads echo with a chorus of raw power, and its presence redefines the boundaries between reality and the extraordinary. As a "Chimera" in both form and spirit, it mirrors the Arcanists' ability to meld disparate forces into a single cohesive entity.

In this symphony of magic and mystery, the "Chimera" keyword becomes a proclamation of the Arcanists' capacity to blend the mundane and the supernatural. Cojo, Paul Crocket, and the Sabertooth Cerberus embody the essence of hybrid power—a fusion that transcends the limits of expectation and redefines the boundaries of possibility.

As the cards are drawn from the Fate Deck, they mirror the Arcanists' narrative of innovation and adaptation, a reminder that the story they weave is one of constant evolution in the face of an enigmatic world. With each action, each spell, they shape the world around them, painting a portrait of power that spans the spectrum from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


  • Cojo
  • Paul Crocket
  • Sabertooth Cerberus x2


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