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An Incursor, usually part of an Incursor Squad, is a close support unit of the Primaris Space Marines that serves an aggressive, weaponized hand-to-hand combat role within the Adeptus Astartes forces.

Their missions typically include storming defended positions, sweeping the flanks of spearhead advances, or quickly taking out strategic enemy assets such as power generators and communications centers.

Key to this role is the paired loadout technologies of their Occulus Bolt Carbines and Divinator-class Auspexes, which feed directly into their sophisticated transspectral combat sights.

This remarkable combination of visual and multispectral observation and analysis technologies collects every scrap of data from the wearer's environment. It employs an enslaved machine mind (artificial intelligence) to gather the results at a thousand times the speed of human thought and feed the resulting data into the Incursor's field of view.

Armed with this tightly controlled flood of information, these warriors fight in an almost precognitive way.

Invaders can see their enemies through solid walls, thick smoke, and total darkness; You can spot the altitude indicators of incoming landing troops, the pre-materialization energy signatures of teleporting enemies, and the tectonic tremors that indicate enemies are about to emerge from tunnels, canals, and the like.

They can even create real-time predictive models of their opponents' combat patterns, allowing them to anticipate their enemies' attacks by firing deadly shots before the enemy even enters their sights.

Coupled with strong close-range firepower, specialized training in vicious knife-fighting techniques, and sturdy Haywire mines to take down enemy armor, these warriors are a truly powerful asset.

Whether fighting your way through the corridors of an enemy fortress or engaging in brutal firefights on the battlefield, few enemies can withstand the Incursors' onslaught.

This kit contains two identical sprues, each containing five models that can be built as Infiltrators or Incursors. The kit contains 266 components in total, 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases and a Space Marine Infantry Transfer Sheet.


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