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It is said that posthumans are the next evolutionary stage of mankind. They are the intelligent shimmer, a self-confident packet of information, bundled in a light impulse. Beings living in cyberspace that can download themselves into artificial bodies to act on a physical level. And of course, they always have the best Lhosts, biosynthetic bodies, available on the market.

Turning into a Posthuman is the biggest reward you can get from ALEPH. Only those with the greatest merits or who are particularly useful to ALEPH become posthumans. As inhabitants of cyberspace, their immortality is guaranteed. Even when their body dies and their cube is destroyed, they always have a security backup somewhere on the net. The best and most trustworthy of Aleph collaborate with the operations of the Special Situations Department. Every posthuman is a one-man team, or rather a one-spirit team. A posthuman can deploy several of its bodies in an operating zone and jump from one to another, working in perfect synergy to achieve all objectives. The best of them can jump from one body to another so fast that they seem to occupy them all at once. The astonishing data processing speed of their minds allows them to obtain more information and from more different sources than any average person. They can understand any situation and act accordingly faster and more decisively than a mortal.

Posthumans are characterised by military activities that require initiative and a high level of commitment and skills. Thanks to their special abilities, they can take on any operational profile and rotate through different loads of bodies, equipment and weapons. They find it as easy to penetrate deep enemy territory as to conduct attacks from the front or to act as mobile support in emergency situations. Regardless of the assigned mission, their tactical approach is always based on rapid and decisive offensives.


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